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About PocketMac for BlackBerry

System Requirements For PocketMac for BlackBerry

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 or 10.7
  • Intel Macs Only. (Power PC Macs not supported)
  • 50MB free disk space on your Mac
  • 1 Available USB Port
  • For Music and Photo syncing, a BlackBerry device with a microSD memory expansion card
  • Syncs with every BlackBerry and every version of the BlackBerry operating system (including version 6)

Optional Requirements:

  • Only For Entourage Synching Options: Entourage 2008 or Microsoft Office 2011

What Does PocketMac for BlackBerry Do For Me?

1) mtwkvbwm -

2) Outlook 2011 Sync - Sync all your Outlook 2011 data (contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes) to your BlackBerry. This is a two-way sync.

3) Entourage 2008 Sync - Sync Entourage 2008 data to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync contacts, calendar, tasks, & notes. (Does not include Exchange Server.)

4) lrdxxhgc -

5) iCal Sync - Sync iCal to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync Calendar and Tasks

6) Address Book Sync - Sync Address Book to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync Contacts.

7) iTunes Sync - Sync songs from iTunes to your BlackBerry.

8) iPhoto Sync - Sync photos from iPhoto to your BlackBerry.

9) Rock-Solid USB Synching - With PocketMac for BlackBerry, you get rock-solid USB synching. (Wireless/Bluetooth synching not yet available)

10) Install 3rd Party Applications - Install 3rd party applications from your Mac to your BlackBerry.

11) Daylite Sync - Sync Daylite to and from any BlackBerry. Sync contacts, calendars and tasks.

12) Stickies Sync - Sync Stickies Notes to any BlackBerry.

13) Password Support - PocketMac For BlackBerry fully supports BlackBerry passwords. Just enter your password and sync--it's that simple.

14) USB Charge While Sync - The moment you plug your USB-supported BlackBerry device into your Mac and PocketMac starts to sync, your BlackBerry device will be automatically charged.

More About PocketMac for BlackBerry

      More than 4 years after we began making unique sync solutions for the Mac, people still ask us, "Are you guys nuts?"

      Only now they ask, "What Mac user would want a BlackBerry® device?"

      And just as before, our answer is: All of them!

      The BlackBerry device is one of the best devices and the Mac is the best computing platform.

      Why not have the best of both worlds? And that's why, 6 years ago, we created PocketMac® For BlackBerry, the original Mac-To-BlackBerry Sync Solution.

      We've used this 6 years of hands-on knowledge to make PocketMac for BlackBerry the most reliable and fastest Mac-BlackBerry sync solution.

      And, now, with PocketMac for BlackBerry 5.0, you can dependably and stably sync your BlackBerry device with your Mac. PocketMac For BlackBerry syncs your crucial data between their BlackBerry device and Entourage, Address Book, iCal, Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto, and much more.

     PocketMac for BlackBerry 5.0 is the result of seven months of rebuilding our software and our sync engine. We've simplified PocketMac for BlackBerry so that it runs at the top of the Mac.

     Want to sync? It's crazy simple. Install the software on your Mac in 3 minutes. Pre-select what you want to sync and what application you want to use. Click "sync". PocketMac for BlackBerry does the rest. It's that simple.

      What's more, PocketMac for BlackBerry was awarded 4-1/2 of 5 mice by MacWorld UK and has been featured in almost all of the major Mac and tech publications.

      And, PocketMac For BlackBerry is a 2-way sync system, allowing you to sync changes in everything from Contacts to Calendar Events to Tasks to Notes. And it's fast--it's built with the same industry-leading technology that made our other PocketMac products the best sellers they are today.

      What's more, it's safe for your data. This software has been written, tested, re-written, re-tested and then tested again over 6 years to make sure your data is being routed perfectly! And now it's ready to run on your Mac

      And if you order now, we'll also include included PocketMac for BlackBerry SMS Viewer at no extra charge. With this unique add-on, you can:

  • View/Backup your SMS Messages and Call Log data.
  • Keep a computer copy of your text message history or call history.
  • Export/View the data in Excel and Comma Separated Value format (.xls and .csv)
  • Multiple BlackBerry Device support
  • Print your SMS or Call History too!!

      If you have a BlackBerry and a Mac, PocketMac For BlackBerry is the perfect tool for you! We know you'll love the ease and power of this software.


Tim Goggin,
Vice President
The PocketMac Team

Devices We Support In PocketMac for BlackBerry...

BlackBerry Handhelds
BlackBerry 6280
BlackBerry 6510
BlackBerry 6710
BlackBerry 6750
BlackBerry 7100g
BlackBerry 7100i
BlackBerry 7100r
BlackBerry 7100t
BlackBerry 7100v
BlackBerry 7100x
BlackBerry 7105t
BlackBerry 7130c
BlackBerry 7130e
BlackBerry 7130g
BlackBerry 7130v
BlackBerry 7210
BlackBerry 7230
BlackBerry 7250
BlackBerry 7270
BlackBerry 7280
BlackBerry 7290
BlackBerry 7510
BlackBerry 7520
BlackBerry 7730
BlackBerry 7750
BlackBerry 7780
BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
BlackBerry 8110 Pearl
BlackBerry 8120 Pearl
BlackBerry 8130 Pearl
BlackBerry 8300 Curve
BlackBerry 8310 Curve
BlackBerry 8320 Curve
BlackBerry 8330 Curve
BlackBerry 8350i
Blackberry 8520 Curve
Blackberry 8530 Curve
BlackBerry 8700c
BlackBerry 8700f
BlackBerry 8700g
BlackBerry 8700r
BlackBerry 8700v
BlackBerry 8703e
BlackBerry 8705g
BlackBerry 8707
BlackBerry 8707g
BlackBerry 8707h
BlackBerry 8707v
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8820
BlackBerry 8830
Blackberry 8900 Curve
BlackBerry 9300 Curve
BlackBerry 9330 Curve
Blackberry 9350 Curve
BlackBerry 9360 Curve
BlackBerry 9530
BlackBerry 9630 Curve
BlackBerry 9810 Torch
BlackBerry 9850 Curve
BlackBerry 9860 Torch
BlackBerry Bold 9000
BlackBerry Bold 9700
Blackberry Bold 9700
BlackBerry Bold 9780
BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9930
BlackBerry Curve 8900
BlackBerry Flip 8220
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230
BlackBerry Storm 2 9550
BlackBerry Storm 9500
BlackBerry Style
BlackBerry Torch 9800
BlackBerry Torch 9810
BlackBerry Torch 9850
BlackBerry Torch 9860
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